Samantha & Stephen

Featured on Trendy Bride - This past winter, I had to the opportunity to travel to my favorite city, New Orleans, with some of my favorite people and capture their love in the French Quarter. These two have been together for 10 years (Big and Carrie style!) and it has been a joy to watch them grow in each phase of their relationship.

Samantha chose a beautiful black lace over nude gown to match the city’s vibe. Samantha is an accessories girl and her statement earrings were perfect! She carried a beautiful bouquet that designed by the fantastic Leaf & Petal Nola. Her work is beautiful and if you are looking for florals in New Orleans, she is your gal! Stephen coordinated his suit off of Samantha’s stunning gown. He chose to go the classic route which really paired beautifully against Samantha’s statement dress.

The French Quarter is beyond picturesque and we had so much fun exploring the streets and photographing along the way. I consistently visit New Orleans several times a year and I look forward to the next wedding I’ll be shooting there in October. If you are getting married or visiting and want some photos taken, let me know! I crave this city from the bottom of my soul and I love capturing people exploring it.

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Photography: Amanda Hartfield | Florals: Leaf + Petal Nola | Dress and Accessories: Rent The Runway | New Orleans, Louisiana

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