Have you ever met someone who you just connected with immediately? You know they are just really good people? That's what it was like when I met Paula. I absolutely loved her spirit and her creativity. She was more than happy to come along with me to West Texas and help me create a lovely experience for the kindest couple. On the way back to Austin, we went really far out of the way. 9 hours out of the way! We drove from Fort Davis down to Presidio, through the Big Bend State park to Terilingua and down to Big Bend National Park where we stopped at Santa Elena Canyon.

Paula was game to let me photograph her along the banks of the Rio Grande as we took in the enormous sight of the canyon. We watched the sunset in the park and on the way home pulled over to star gaze as the sky was as black as ink and the stars twinkled brightly. It was an amazing trip and I'm so thankful Paula came along. I recommend that everyone take the drive out to Big Bend National Park at least once in their life.

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