Laura & Josh

As creatives, we tend to get attached to the inquiries that we receive. Couples share their stories and their visions for their wedding day and we fall in love with them and the dreams they have.

Laura and Josh are so kind and genuine, when we initially met, they made me feel as though we were already friends. They were exactly as I imagined them to be. She is bubbly, loves to laugh and adores her friends. He is quiet to start but opens up when he feels excited or has a strong opinion and he loves to travel. I fell in love with the realness of their relationship and how they were so laid back yet excited to talk about their wedding that day. They were the type of people I want to be friends with.

I was so happy when they chose me to capture their day and we scheduled their engagement session. It ended up being two sessions because they were gracious enough to model for me when I got a new camera. My favorite thing about photographing these two is how they have so much fun with each other! I'm so excited for these two and the life ahead of them. I know it will be full of laughs, adventure and love. Stay tuned for their beautiful and intimate wedding! Until then, here is part of their engagement session.

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Photography: Amanda Hartfield | Austin, Texas

Let's be friends.

Designed and developed by Harris Robinowich.