In the South, there is a unique tradition called Bridal portraits. At the wedding reception, a portrait of the bride in her beautiful gown is displayed and later, displayed in the home.

Honestly I absolutely love this tradition. Bride's get to do a run through for their hair, makeup, florals and also, get to put their beautiful gown on. I love photographing bridals because the energy is palpable. Seeing a bride light up when she sees her self all done up is magical. My greatest wish for all brides (whether they are my own or now) specifically is to see their own beauty and I hope they see it on their wedding day.

Emily was pure magic during her bridal portraits. Well she herself is just a gem. She is selfless, kind and loves animals! Her family came along and provided a fun atmosphere that had me laughing along with them. I loved working with her, Derek and their families. Stay tuned for their beautiful family oriented wedding!

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Photography: Amanda Hartfield | Venue: Paniolo Ranch

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