There are people in your life that are just meant to be there. Amelia is one of those people.

As I child I grew up moving all over the world, making friends and leaving them as quickly as I came. One time, my parents said “This is it. This is the last move until you graduate”. I had never known what life was like standing still. We always were coming or going, never truly settling. Amelia spent her life surrounded by familiar places and close friends. Whereas Amelia is quiet and thoughtful, I am loud and impulsive. Her style is bright and modern, mine is old world and dark. Where she is selfless, I am selfish. Where she is warm and kind natured, I am full of edges. Our upbringings couldn’t be any different. We couldn’t be anymore different. Despite that, we became friends 13 years ago.

For someone like me, that is an unusually long time to have a friend. We journeyed through High School together, went off to college together (albeit different universities but within an hour of each other), dated, fell in love, got our first big girl jobs, traveled and moved and now, Amelia is married with her first child.

The ups and downs of friendship are real but we always find each other. I can not say what might happen in the future as life always finds ways to make it difficult to keep up with but I can say that I know Amelia will be there. I look forward to the years of friendship we have in front of us, filled with love, children, and adventure. The relationships we create as children are typically built on frivolous things or forced due to circumstance, as adults we choose the ones with who we surround ourselves. I’m thankful Amelia chooses me.

Here are a few shots of Amelia that I took after dinner one evening. She is always willing to model for me when I want to test out new gear, or practice new direction techniques. This particular time was very special as it was a week before she gave birth to her first child, who is turning one.m

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Photography: Amanda Hartfield | Austin, Texas

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